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Two NEW CDs are now being prepared for publication in 2011.


1. The Speed of Light


2. The Speed of  Dark


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 YouTube Videos by R. Malcolm Brown Jr.




Above is a beautiful video  made and dedicated to Ann with the music composed by Eric Whitacre,  The song is called "SLEEP" and has a fascinating story. 




Above is a video dedicated to my autistic grandson, Christopher, based on John Denver's song, " I want to live"




Above is my dedication to all of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001




Above is a nice video depicting the trembling Aspen leaf!

A nice video on the trembling Aspen leaf!


Click on the above photo to learn more about my dear wife, Ann, and her strokes.

This August 26, 2011, we will celebrate our 50th wedding Anniversary!!     


River of Dreams

A CD published in 2006 about a trip down a river with many exciting moods and states of bliss. You will be transported in a dream-like state with this music!


Soon, I will have some sample mp3s from this CD. Thanks for your patience!




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Great Music of the Past Played by Malcolm! 

   Fantastic  Songs that are so Memorable! 

   You will LOVE  this music!




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Two  CDs below were released in January, 2003

Click on the Cover of this  CD to learn more!

Click on the Cover of this  CD to learn more!
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Many new things added below in March, 2003.

Very Exciting receipt of a "Roland" pin
from Mr. Kakehashi
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A visit with Mr. and Mrs. Kakehashi in their home, January, 2002
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Malcolm's early years in music! How did he get started?
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Right now, you have the opportunity to download some FREE mp3 files from my site.   They are listed just below this announcement!!   I want you to "test drive" my music!   If you like it, please purchase the CDs.   I truly believe in giving music to the public, and I want you to see for yourself that it is worth the small charge to have high quality audio CDs in your collection.   I am keeping my costs to a minimum.   I do not desire to make a large profit from the sale of these CDs.   They are of the highest quality, believe me.   I only want you to enjoy the music and benefit from it.    Your feedback is most important.

Music is the therapeutic medium for life!



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Hello there! Hope you enjoy!
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My first CD now for sale! Try it!

My second CD-features Japan!


Pages of Inspiration

Los Angeles-Flying Saucers

Technical Info on the KR-1070

Take a Roland Factory Tour!

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my Roland KR-1070!


Malcolm's Kanreki Celebration
in Kyoto, Japan
November 11, 2000

Look at my UT-Austin Lab Pages

Take a tour of my garden in
Austin, Texas

Visit my personal home
page-lots of interesting
stuff! Aspen Colo, Maroon
Bells, Israel, Pampa, etc.

Beautiful "cool" photos of Mt. Fuji!

See Mt. Fuji one year later. Sunrise on the first day of the new century, January 1, 2001

Please, please visit this site to learn about Valerie Maslow
who braved cancer and gave us courage to understand.

Please visit my former high school teacher's page. Elaine Ledbetter is a legend! You will not be disappointed!

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